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Prometheus back-story theory

Written by “NOOB” @

I feel the tale of Prometheus is a reoccuring current in this film and the overall theme that Ridley Scott is trying to put forward is that our Creators may not be what we thought they would be and that trying to bridge the gap between God and you won’t always work out in your favor.

I’m coining some new terms for ease of understanding.

The Gardener at the beginning - I say he was planted there. His specific mission was to sacrifice himself in order to mold his DNA and eventually create us. We are different from them, but from what the interviews state and what basic science shows, genetic diversity is a must. Two other parts of note: The Gardener in this sequence is pure. No exoskeletons or protusions from his body. As well, the ship is a complete circle and goldish in colour. Same could be said about the liquid he drinks, there is a definite gold tinge to it. As well, I feel the body of the head was a Gardener as his armour matched the others who were found in a pile and did not match the style of the Harbingers (other guys.)

5 star pictogram - It shows they returned on a few occasions and have shaped our culture/language. However, all we have is a picture, with no explanation other than correct guesses that it’s a map. This could have quite literally been a warning that was misconstrued as most religions refer to a end game of some sort. Shaw chose to interpret these symbols as an invitation and followed her faith. Or the symbols could be a legitimate invitation at the time of their creating.

The planet - The skulls on the mountain do not match the other buildings and this planet may have had some importance for seeded races. Possibly a religious center or a first step for seeded races. As well, the some of stone markings on the wall have had the black resin added overtop. Some can be said for the Human Skull room, where the mural of the ceiling and the skull are a complete different design to the Xenomorph mural at the back.
I feel the location of the planet gives this away. It appears to not be close to anything and thus a new seeded race could be tested here far away from the Gardeners homeworlds and other races. This location was also useful when it came to weapon testing.

Gardener/Harbingers split - I feel this is a microcosm of our own society and it’s reactions to new technology. Gardeners use it to create life while the Harbingers use it to destroy. This is a common theme in humanity and really connected with me in this film (if this was the intention.) 

To contrast the Harbingers with the first scene. The Harbingers at the end of the film is very different from the Gardener at the beginning. I feel the Harbingers worship the Xenos as a perfect form and have converted the planet essentially to their own religious beliefs. My evidence is: the protusions into the skin (upper arms) and uniform of the Harbingers at the end are similar to the black, scaly xenomorphs. The design of the interior of the buildings is same black, scaly resin and the xeno mural behind the massive human skull. The urns loosely resemble elongated eggs. The fact that therr ships are not full circles, but black, scaly 3/4 circle with a missing middle. Almost resembles a gigantic embryo of the xeno when stood upright (which only furthers the religious worship.) As well, it has been commented on numerous times that the Xenomorph appears to be the perfect example of survival.

I feel the back story goes a little something like this:

Gardeners seeded many worlds and taught many cultures but stopped at one point (roughly 2000 years ago or so.) This is evidenced by the paintings of a possible invitation (or warning) and our ancient languages being similar to there’s. At this point, I believe their culture divided into 2 parts, Gardeners (preservation of life) and Harbingers (purification of the universe.)
Both sides fought and the seeded planets were forgotten about. It may have also been common place for seeded species to arrive at LV 226 for a sort of initiation. Harbingers would have taken over this place and left a trap of some sort,
I feel the evidence of the infighting comes from the holograms of the Gardeners running. My interpretation of these events is the Harbingers had their base infiltrated by a group of Gardeners. A bioweapon was let off and thus a large amount died (the pile near the door.) The group running seemed to have made it except for the the one who had his head cut off (subsequently exploded.) Due to these events, I feel the connisters and worms were placed in the skull room with a temperature trigger as a booby trap.
The next scene is the planetarium scene. There is some discussion between 2 Harbingers and multiple solar systems are shown. There is also an image of Earth or a planet like Earth with numerous green lines extending from it to other solar systems. I feel that Earth was more important that previously hinted at (perhaps the ideal world for the Gardeners) or could have been one of the last surviving worlds (hidden off the record.) What ever the reason the 2 make it a priority to destroy this world.
I imagine the first failed attempt would be the Derelict from Alien. Upon waking, the Harbingers at the end sees humans and then puts it together, knowing this result means the previous mission failed. Makes it his dying mission to take down Earth and that is the end.
It’s possible that during this 2000 years, both sides have all be annihilated each other and it will be interesting to see what Shaw finds.

As previously stated, this story follows many themes the Ridley Scott is fond of and really examines the relationship between creator and offspring. Essentially Space Jockeys created Humans but have the exact same issues as Humans. Humans created Robots who has some of the similar issues Humans have with understanding their creators. To contradict, everyone makes Xenomorphs and they don’t really care about who created them, just so long as they are around to be eaten.

In terms of the tale of Prometheus. This is evident for all parties going a bit Hubris. Gardeners and their seeding. Harbingers and their eradication of lesser beings. Shaw and her quest for knowledge. Weyland and his quest for immortality. David and his quest to satisfy Weyland (numerous attempts to show he has a soul.)

I guess the only ones who aren’t afflicted by this are the Xenomorphs. They don’t try to achieve anything higher than themselves. Whether your their creator, rival or the green man from Mars, all they care about is eating you and surviving.

Good to hear Night Junkies - the first feature I worked on - is now on iTunes. It also seems to be up on youtube. First piece comes in early in the film, around the 8m mark. Hard work indeed!